Defraggler is a completely free, very light defragmentation software that doesn't compromise system performance.

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Supports NTFS and FAT 32 file system. This software will list the partition of the hard drive, you just need to select a partition and click Analyze so that the software automatically analyzes the partition's partition level.

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Some changes in the latest version of Piriform Defraggler

- Add Freespace Defrag function according to time schedule.

- Operation is simpler when you want to analyze multiple disk partitions.

- Support UDF file system.

- Enhance Search capabilities.

- Improved external interface.

- Fix some bugs of the previous version.

Defraggler free download

What is Defraggler?

Defragment exactly what you want

Other anti-piece programs do not have the settings before performing your disk defragmentation. Meanwhile, Piriform understands that users want more control over what they can defragment. So Defraggler has been designed to give you many options that you need without disturbance. For most users (and especially impatient people), just launch Defraggler, click on the drive they want to defragment, and then click on the Defrag button. Moreover, they can also save time when using Quick Defrag function.

You can defragment all files, folders, or individual files after using the file search function for a specific size or type, or you can exclude files by name or format. file, and other criteria. One of Defraggler's more advanced features is the ability to move large files to the end of the hard drive. Your computer will access files faster if they are at the beginning of the hard drive.

Defraggler can put large files that you may not use regularly (such as videos and archives) into the drive end so Windows can find smaller files more easily. With simple simplicity for everyday users and flexibility for those who require more options, Defraggler is the best choice for controlling your hard drive.


After some time of use, your hard drives may be lost, corrupted, unreadable, and all that users worry about starting up their computer every morning. For example, if you pull the power cord away from the computer while writing files to the hard drive, you may lose the file or it may not be usable anymore. Even copying or moving files from this location on the drive to another location can cause problems if the drive is scratched, or the power is lost.

And of course you might be wondering whether Defraggler is safe. However, you can be assured that Defraggler Full can access your entire hard drive, and take the time to move thousands of files around to optimize and speed up your computer. Windows has a wide range of integration cycles that you can use when copying or moving files on your computer.

For example, when you move a file from your hard drive to an external USB drive, it will copy the file to the previous USB drive, then delete it from the hard drive. In the event of a problem when writing the file to a USB drive, it still stores the original on the hard drive to work with.

That is just a simple example. Windows has a lot of protection functions to prevent data loss when working with files. And fortunately Defraggler also uses the same protection functions. When Defraggler reads or writes a file, it uses exactly the techniques that Windows used. Therefore, using Defraggler will also be safe for your files like when using Windows.

Defraggler free download

Compact and portable

Many tools and software will take a long time to download because of their large capacity, long time to install, and use many resources on your computer. However, with Defraggler, you won't be disappointed that the tools seem to monopolize Windows computers and insist on doing their work without allowing you to complete your work.

Defraggler is designed to be compact and easy to defragment your hard drive easily - without becoming a burden to your system or hindering your work. Defraggler installation file is only about 3 MB in size. It's the same size as the MP3 you want to download, or the short video you upload to YouTube. With regular broadband connection, Defraggler only takes a few seconds to download. The installation process takes about a minute and you'll be ready to defragment your hard drive and start speeding up your computer in a snap.

Other defragmentation tools will take over your system when you use them and can take hours to run. Defraggler is a small utility and uses very little system resources, so you can keep working on your computer without slowing down.

Quick Defrag

When you're in a hurry, and don't have the time to defragment completely, Defraggler will give you Quick Defraggler mode. This mode is not comprehensive or thorough like full defragmentation, but it is a good start and you can do it every few days to help your computer run faster. Quick Defrag is another way that Defraggler gives you options and controls how you want to defragment your hard drive.

Defragment the empty hard drive

Most people think that the space is also a part of the empty space on the hard drive. Even so, over time, when Windows writes, changes and deletes files on the hard drive, that space still exists in many different bits and pieces on the drive. So why is that a problem? Fragmented space will lead to the risk of fragmentation of your files. When Windows writes a new file to your hard drive, it may have to split if it can't find enough space.

Scheduled defragmentation

Your computer performs many common tasks at night. It can use Windows Update to see if there are new files that Windows needs. It can download the latest anti-virus software concepts, or even restart itself. Defraggler allows you to set its activity schedule so you can run it while not sitting in front of your computer - whether it's at night, dawn, or any time of day. Along with other Windows programs, Defraggler uses the Windows Task Scheduler to allow you to set up defragmentation later. Just specify how often you want the program to defragment the drive (once, daily, weekly or monthly). Then it automatically performs and constantly defragments the computer every time you need it.

Multi-language support

Currently, English can be the global Internet language but users come from many different continents and countries around the world. To help people run Defraggler easily, it can be supported in the following languages: English, Albanian, Arabic, Bosanski, Deutsch, Dutch, Espanol (Spanish), French, Greek, Do Thai, Italiano (Italian), Japanese, Magyar, Norwegian, Portugues (Portugal), Portugues (Portugal), Romana (Romania), Russia, Suomi (Finland), Svenska (Sweden) and Ukraine. And you can change the language at all times.

Defraggler's main features

- Additional support for Windows 8.

- Add Minimize function to minimize the system tray.

- Add the right click function to move the file to the end of the drive (Move File to end of Drive).

- Improve the gap calculation tool.

- Fix exceptions in df.exe.

- SSDs can now be handled correctly when the drives are lined up to defragment.

- Advanced drive calculation tool for small capacity drives.

- Now shortcuts are interpreted correctly when calculating fragmentation levels.

- Advanced support for minpercent parameters for df.exe.

- Improved intuitive user interface.

- Fix error.

How to enable Boot Time Defrag

Defraggler has a "Boot-Time Defrag" option that allows you to defragment files locked by the operating system before the operating system is fully loaded.

To enable Boot Time Defrag, follow these steps:

- Step 1: In Defraggler's main menu click on Settings then click Boot Time Defrag.

- Step 2: You can choose the following options to run:

+ Disabled: This option is to Disable.

+ Run Once: Defragment files while booting only once.

+ Run Every Time: Defragment files every time you restart your computer.

- Step 3: After activating this option, there will be a dialog box to inform you and ask if you want to restart the computer.

If you select Yes, the computer will restart immediately then start defragmenting, if you choose No, then vice versa.

Defraggler free download

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